DeLonghi deep fryer – dual zone

The dual zone DeLonghi deep fryer, D14527DZ is designed and produced in Italy. With the 4 liter capacity and 1,500 W, there are plenty of power and space for food of all sizes. This dual zone deep fryer has ingenious easy-clean oil drainage system which makes draining and recycling cooking oil safe and easy. All you have to do is to attach a tube to the fryer and drain the oil. Digital timer and adjustable digital thermostat let you set the desired temperature. The DeLonghi fryer also features a permanent mesh filter located inside the stainless steel lid that prevents the release of oil vapors and odors into your kitchen. The deep fryer viewing window allows safe and easy observation of the entire frying process. DeLonghi unique Cool Zone located beneath the heating element, prevents food from burning, reduces odor and keeps cooking oil clean. Cool-touch removable handle lets you lift or lower the frying basket for safe operation. Heating element and its parts are removable for quick, effortless cleanup. Bowl, frying basket and lid of this DeLonghi deep fryer are dishwasher safe. For safer operation, the magnetic cord easily detaches from the fryer if accidentally pulled. This unique safety feature is designed with a patented condensation shield to prevent dripping onto the cord connection. The price is $100 USD. DeLonghi. Previously, DeLonghi retro style convection oven.

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