Lean Mean Fryer by George Foreman

George Foreman wants you to fry healthy. His Lean Mean Fryer comes with patented Smart Spin technology that knocks out up to 55% of fat absorbed in the frying process. During a special Smart Spin cycle that follows cooking, your Lean Mean Fryer uses centrifugal force to literally spin the added fat and oil out and off your food. During the spinning process, this deep fryer continues to cook the food through hot air convection to stay crispy and hot. Moreover, due to the unique basket design, food keeps its shape and doesn’t crumble during the spin cycle. The fryer is also equipped with immersed heating element which promotes fast, uniform heating and provides faster temperature recovery time once food is added for delicious, crispy results. Variable thermostat dial adjusts up to 375°F to provide the optimal frying conditions for any food. A viewing window allows consumers to safely check food while it’s cooking without having to stop or open the deep-fryer. A variable thermostat dial, dual-speed spinning basket and spinning timer with audible signal allow consumers to customize the cooking process based on the food selection and desired amount of oil removed. Safety features include cool touch handle, detachable magnetic safety plug and hot temperature light indicator. Cooking capacity is 1.4 lbs. Easily assembled and cleaned, with dishwasher-safe parts. Buy George Foreman Lean Mean Fryer for $150. Previously, DeLonghi dual zone deep fryer.

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