Garlic squeezer – mincing garlic tool by DreamFarm

How many times have you wanted a garlic squeezer that leaves no mess after mincing is done and is easy to clean? For those of us who chop garlic often, the sticky and smelly fingers are very annoying. And if your family doesn’t enjoy garlic as much as you do, mincing garlic can be very taxing. Garject garlic press from DreamFarm solves these problems quite handily.

Garject is the only garlic tool that presses unpeeled garlic and automatically scrapes itself clean. The squeezer then ejects the garlic peel into the garbage bin with the press of a button, dong all three steps in one fluid motion.
No more scrapping the pressed garlic off the bottom of the sieve. Garject has a built-in scraper that cleans the sieve as you open the handles – in spite of the sticky nature of pressed garlic.
The chop garlic tool features the uniquely shaped crushing chamber. It is twice as wide as it is long, so the garlic is placed closer to the fulcrum, awarding you with increased mechanical force. The extra width and height of the chamber allows it to fit multiple cloves at once. This garlic squeezer is powerful enough to crush unpeeled cloves, producing fine, consistent mincing results. DreamFarm.

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