Portable ice makers from Whynter SNO Titanium Collection

Titanium Collection Stainless Steel Series

portable ice maker from SNO Titanium Collection is a compact stand alone ice maker, requiring no plumbing. It makes ice cubes in 3 different sizes and can be used anywhere, as long as you have a 110V outlet and water. The ice maker can produce 2 lbs of fresh ice in about an hour, delivering first batch of ice under 12 minutes and up to 35 pounds of ice in 24 hours. This portable ice maker has a separate Water and Ice Drawer, allowing for easier cleaning, convenient fill and keeping the ice colder. Stores about 150 cubes at a time. Stainless Steel Series portable ice makers come in brushed nickel (shown) or chrome finishes for $380 and $410 respectively.
Titanium Collection Platinum Series

portable ice maker is less expensive than Stainless Steel Series model, but offers similar performance and ice production. This portable ice machine needs no plumbing, makes ice cubes of 3 different sizes, up to 35 pounds of ice in 24 hours and stores about 150 crystal clear cubes at a time. A separate Water and Ice Drawer for easier cleaning, manual fill and keeping the ice colder. Price is $275. Also available in Jet Black Series for $240. Whynter.

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