Panasonic National Sanitation Foundation rice cooker with Automatic Cooking Feature

Overcooking rice is one sure thing you really want to skip, as there are few less appetizing dishes than dry, overcooked and tasteless white rice. Featuring glass lid so you can monitor the cooking, this Panasonic National Sanitation Foundation rice cooker makes rice cooking easy and pleasant experience, thanks to its Automatic Cooking Feature, which helps reduce overcooking. The Auto Shut-Off feature automatically shuts off the rice cooker when the cooking is finished, giving you peace of mind. The cooker capacity is 23 cups uncooked rice and 46 cups cooked rice. Heavy duty cooking pan and multi-language operating instructions including English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. The price for this NSF certified Panasonic rice cooker is $180 USD. Panasonic. Previously, Panasonic Cool Touch Body rice cooker.

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