Sanyo rice cooker – Micom rice cooker and steamer

This Sanyo rice cooker and Steamer, the ECJ-D100S 10-Cup Micom, wil help you to make restaurant quality rice as well as slow-cook soups and stews. Designed with a multi-menu selection of cooking options, the Sanyo rice cooker allows you to make white rice, mixed rice, rinse free rice, sprouted brown rice, sweet rice, brown rice and porridge as well as soup and other slow cook stews. Made with a titanium coated extra thick non-stick inner pot with a rounded bottom, this Sanyo rice cooker is designed for maximum heat distribution and optimum cooking. The LCD display features a clock and a 24 hour preset timer for maximum completion time flexibility. Other features include a keep-warm function, a reheat function, a steaming tray for vegetables and a special water line for rinse-free and sprouted style rice. Sanyo also includes with the rice cooker a measuring cup, a spatula and a multi-language instruction manual with recipes.