New Zojirushi rice cooker – ZUTTO Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker

Get perfect rice every time with the new Zojirushi rice cooker, a rice warmer and cooker so technologically advanced it can “think for itself”. Using their new “Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology”, this Zojirushi rice cooker is advanced enough to make fine adjustments to temperature and heating time to cook, resulting in perfect rice with every use. Featuring a spherical inner cooking pan and heating system, the Zutto Neuro Fuzzy distributes heat evenly allowing rice to cook with consistent results. Also featuring configurable settings for white/sushi rice, porridge and mixed rice, this Zojirushi rice cooker holds 5.5 cups/1.0 liters and measures 9.88″W x 13″D x 7.88″H. Available in a stylish silver finish, this rice cooker also features an LCD display with clock and time functions, an automatic keep warm setting and a detachable inner lid. Perfect rice every time from Zojirushi rice cooker as intelligent as it is stylish – the Zutto Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker. The price is $250.