Warmer drawer from Electrolux

The 30″ warmer drawer from Electrolux is the sleek Luxury-Glide drawer with Signature Soft-Arc oven door and handle, stainless steel interior and sharp blue LED display with On/Off Indicator. With ball-bearing based slide system, this warmer drawer extends out and slides back effortlessly. Perfect Set electronic controls help you maintain precise heat levels between 80 ºF to 210 ºF degrees, while humidity controls with variable settings keep foods from drying out before serving. With 1.6 cubic feet capacity, Electrolux warming drawer can keep plenty of food ready to serve, but without being overcooked with Keep Warm function. Bread Proofing allows you to select an ideal temperature setting for dough to rise. Powerful 450 watt heating element, versatile half-width rack makes keeping meals warmer an easy task. The drawer is also programmed to automatically shutdown after 4 hours it is left on for your safety. Comes with Recommended Food Settings Chart for 22 different food items. Suggested retail price for the 30″ Electrolux warmer drawer is $1,200. Also available in 27″ model. Previously, Wolf warming drawer and warmer drawers from Neff.

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