BreezeDry Eco-friendly drying cabinet

[KBIS 2010 Review]
Ever since I covered BreezeDry ambient drying cabinet, I wanted to get a better look and more details, which I did at KBIS. Just as you can not make an espresso or latte in an ordinary coffeemaker, you also can not dry many of today fine clothing, lingerie and No Tumble items in an standard dryer. Ordinary methods of drying clothes often cause the following problems,
– the harsh heat and rough tumbling action of gas or electric dryers damages clothes, especially popular fashions such as beaded and sequined items, fine delicates and lingerie
– dryer lint is the life going out of your wardrobe
– drip-drying your valuable delicates is a hassle, creating clutter around the shower and bath, and takes forever to dry
– drying outdoors is impossible much of the year, inconvenient to busy modern lifestyles and can cause fading

The BreezeDry Eco-friendly drying cabinet provides a solution. The BreezeDry is the world most gentle, Eco-friendly drying appliance and is a far better way to dry your clothes than a conventional tumble dryer. The BreezeDry system is a breakthrough, the missing accessory needed to create the ultimate home laundry room.
Simply hang your clothes inside or lay them on racks in the cabinet. An easy to use touch screen lets you choose natural, Eco-friendly outdoor air, and either ambient or gently warmed indoor air to perfectly dry your clothes. At the push of a button sophisticated precision sensors control low-power fans and monitor moisture directly from the clothes to ensure efficient, perfect drying. Clothes come out line-dried fresh every time. The innovative new system is not a replacement for your regular dryer, but instead offers a quick, gentle and natural way to dry clothes, ideal for special-care items. The built-in modular design can easily be incorporated into new construction or remodeling projects.
By combining advanced yet simple technology and the gentle power of natural drying, BreezeDry gives you many benefits,
– guards your clothes from shrinking, fading or fraying, and prolongs the life of delicates such as fine lingerie, expensive silks, cottons or cashmeres, special beaded or sequined tops
– dries much faster than drip drying, without dripping on floors or cluttered clothing hanging all over your shower, bath and other rooms
– is better than line drying, because the sun can fade and damage silks, velvets and many other fine fabrics
– eliminates the time and effort needed to hang and monitor clothes outside, then fold and bring them in
– has a large capacity that accommodates an entire load of clothes
– saves as much as 90% of the energy consumed by traditional electric or gas dryers
– allows natural drying in any season or weather, rain or shine
– is made of more than 30% recycled materials
– is sophisticated yet simple, with one touch, easy to use operation
– automatically remembers your favorite settings
While a laundry breakthrough, BreezeDry is not a new concept. Small clothes-drying cabinets have been popular in Europe for decades. But with much larger capacity, and smart but simple technology, BreezeDry is the perfect addition to the laundry room for those who want gentle, line-dried freshness with one-touch convenience. BreezeDry is also the answer for all your specialty drying needs, from dance, band or other costumes to decorative uniforms. Adjustable shelving accommodates items of all sizes, including wet shoes or sweaters. The BreezeDry system is made of the highest quality, recyclable materials, with styling that compliments any home’s interior design. The durable acrylic surface wipes clean with a cloth and household cleaner. Price is around $4,000 USD.