Canister vacuum cleaner with auto floor detection

Miele Earth is the new canister vacuum cleaner from Miele S5 Series. Powerful 1,200 Watt electronically controlled S 5481 Earth, which is already in stores, is an Eco-friendly canister vacuum cleaner with 33-foot operating range, boasting some of the most energy-saving advancements the industry has to offer. Featuring an AutoEco setting that automatically detects flooring type, be it carpet or smooth floor, the Miele vacuum adjusts power for optimal cleaning performance and energy efficiency. While homeowners tend to think that the highest power setting is best for cleaning all surfaces, this is only true for smooth floors. Upholstery, drapes and carpets require specific settings for optimal cleaning and using AutoEco saves tremendously in energy consumption, and provides better performance and long term care for home furnishings.

Other green features of this canister vacuum from Miele include a 20-year life design model, use of easily recyclable virgin polymers, cadmium and lead-free coatings, water-based paints and low energy consumption. As with other Miele canister type vacuums, the Earth is ideal for indoor air with all fine dust and allergens being trapped in its unique Sealed System featuring a certified HEPA filter and advanced filtering dust bag. Miele revolutionary Filter-Bag consist of multiply, random-spun filter material and protective netting to reinforce the outer layer in order to ensure that dust and debris safely stays in the bag. Inside a Filter-Bag, air guides distribute dust evenly throughout the bag, achieving a 25% longer life cycle without any loss in performance. A downstream HEPA filter then captures even the tiniest of particles, retaining lung damaging particles inside the vacuum. Price for this vacuum is around $970. Miele.
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