Eco friendly washing machine with SterilTub function

The new Gorenje WA60125 is robust Eco friendly washing machine designed for busy consumers who demand performance and capacity, yet want to stay as Eco friendly as possible while doing their everyday chores. Thanks to Gorenje innovative UseLogic technology, the new freestanding WA60125 washing machine operates with lower water and energy consumption, making it extremely environmentally friendly. Boasting an ‘A+’ energy class rating, this Eco washer consumes 10% less energy compared to an ‘A’ rated appliance and also benefits from greater savings in water so has the potential of reducing household utility bills. The large capacity drum takes 6kg of laundry and the ergonomically designed extra large 33cm porthole door makes it easier to load and empty the drum, even when washing large laundry items, such as duvets and blankets.
UseLogic technology uses intelligent sensors to continuously monitor the purity of the water in each cycle and automatically adjusts the level of water for the type of load, ensuring that clothes and fabrics are cleaned gently and efficiently. During the rinsing process, the sensors also monitor the amount of detergent used and automatically take care of additional rinsing where appropriate.
As well as the 15 standard washing programmes, this Eco friendly machine also features special programmes tailored to suit all kinds of needs. These include the Mix option, which is designed to wash a variety of different garments and colours at the same time, instead of traditionally separating. The Easy Ironing option adds more water and has a gentler spinning action to prevent clothes from bundling together and easing creasing and wrinkling, making them easier to iron – a bonus for those who hate ironing. The ECO 30°C wash option provides excellent washing results at a lower temperature, giving the opportunity to save energy and money once more. The 17 Minute Quick Wash option is very handy for less soiled laundry and perfect of those of us in a hurry.

This new Eco friendly washer features the special SterilTub function, a self-cleaning programme that can be run once a month to remove any residues of grease that may build up in the washing machine and may promote the growth of bacteria. The programme runs with an empty drum at a high temperature and cleans even the most remote areas of the tub, leaving it clean, fresh and odour free.
Even when spinning at the highest speed of 1200 RPM, this washer, by virtue of its superior drive and highly effective insulation, is so quiet that it will never drown the sound of a normal conversation, so no need to move out of the kitchen when friends are over for a coffee. Other benefits of the Gorenje WA60125 Eco friendly washing machine include,
– Detergent Saving System, which prevents to loss of detergent during water intake, saving up to 20% on detergent costs and effectively helps to protect the environment
– AquaStop multiple protection safety system, which is highly effective against any leakage
– 1.02 kWh electricity consumption and 45 litre water consumption in a standard programme
– higher water level for high levels of soiling or slow spin for delicate garments
– Super Silent operation even when spinning at the highest speed