Ecofire Denise ducted pellet stove

Ecofire Denise is the 7.3 kW ducted pellet stove with durable yet elegant steel structure, available in teak, mirrored glass, wavy white glass, bronze aluminium, red aluminium, gold aluminium, beige painted metal, marble serpentino, black painted metal, black lacquer wood and white lacquer wood.

Just like Ecofire Slimmy pellet stove, Denise is very efficient. This stove yields close to 95% efficiency at reduced heat output of 2.8 kW. It comes with 17 kg fuel hopper and burns continuously for up to 29 hours.
Other features include thick cast iron brazier and firebox, large ash drawer, digital LCD panel, variable speed 400 m³/h fan and room temperature probe. You can program hours of operation, connect your Denise to an outdoor thermostat and push hot air through the ducts to other rooms. Palazzetti.