Ecofire hermetic pellet stoves – incredibly efficient

The new Ecofire water heating, hermetic pellet burning stoves from Palazzetti are so Eco friendly, they barely lukewarm to the touch. Your water and home, however, are perfectly hot and cozily warm – due to unprecedented efficiency of the innovative and ecological technology employed by Palazzetti hermetic pellet stoves. Marta for example, offers incredible 15.4 kW total output at almost 95% nominal burning efficiency.

Palazzetti Ecofire Carlotta features 13.5 kW total heat output with efficiency close to 95%. These hermetic pellet stoves are engineered to transfer almost all the heat they produce to the water. Your water heating stove mustn’t overheat the room it is installed in. Instead, it yields almost all the heat to the water. Both Marta and Carlotta transfer 83% of the generated heat output to the water, making these pellet burning stoves really cost-effective and energy efficient.
To achieve these numbers, Palazzetti equips the stoves with its innovative firebox, characterized by a polygonal, semi-circular shape, almost enclosed by the combustion chamber which nearly completely surrounds the fire. Heat dispersion through glass is limited to a bare minimum while still allowing you to enjoy view of the fire.
The Ecofire hermetic pellet stoves are also very efficient when it comes to glass cleaning. A good portion of the water that is ducted from outdoors is preheated and conveyed into the door frame, resulting in sufficiently hot air to ensure high cleaning efficiency.
In addition, these pellet burning stoves are programmable and come with the electronic control system that enables you to set up your stove with any heating system , e.g. outdoor thermostat, ambient probe, boiler loading with coil, boiler loading without a coil. The patent pending anti-condensation system is also electronically regulated. Palazzetti. Previously, Hi Fire panoramic fire.