Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green vacuum cleaner

Made with 55% recycled plastic, the Ultra Silencer Green from Electrolux is the most energy-efficient cleaner on the market. Its new, high-efficiency motor reduces the Ultra Silencer’s energy consumption by 33% compared to a standard 2,000 watt vacuum cleaner. Because Ultra Silencer Green is made out of recycled materials, it is only available in black, as this color allows to achieve the best looking finish and quality when using recycled materials. To signify Eco friendliness of the Green vacuum cleaner, Electrolux designers added signature elements of green on the graphics and buttons.
Responding to the recent surveys that show a clear reference for more energy efficient appliances Electrolux outfitted the Ultra Silencer Green with a new, energy efficient 1,250 watt motor that delivers top notch cleaning, thanks to a newly designed nozzle. Like all Ultra Silencer models the Ultra Silencer Green emits only 71 dB, compared to the average vacuum cleaner’s 78 dB and offers ergonomic features designed to make vacuuming easier, including
– 9 meter auto-reverse cord re-winder
– telescopic tube
– multi-function upholstery nozzle
– soft wheels to protect the floor
– 2.5 litre hygienic dustbag
– dustbag full Indicator
– HEPA filtration
– movable handle to aid portability
And the Ultra Silencer weighs under 5.5kg and is very easy to clean.

This Electrolux Ultra Silencer in red is not made of recycled plastic yet still offers all other benefits of Green.
The all-white special edition Ultra Silencer vacuum cleaner was designed by noted Swedish designer Pia Wallén.
Electrolux Rapido
Electrolux UltraOne vacuum cleaner

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