Green portable refrigerator – Eco mini fridge

The portable Eco mini fridge from Ecotopia will help you to survive quite a few hot summers. Unlike conventional refrigerators, this green portable fridge does not use any refrigerant, eliminating the need of recycling. It only consumes on average a minuscule 33 watts, while giving you a respectable 6 litre capacity and the ability to run from a regular plug or 12 volt car/boat adapter. The Eco mini fridge is ideal for picnics, traveling, office use or wherever you need a green portable fridge to keep things ice cold. And equipped with advanced thermoelectric system, the mini fridge turns into a heater for keeping hot food warm at the flick of a switch. So it is really a thermoelectric portable cooler and warmer, and very Eco-friendly at it. Cooling capability is from 15 to 17º C below ambient temperature and heating is from 55 to 65º C. Overall dimensions are H38 x W21 x D28 cm and price is £25. Ecotopia.