Green refrigerated wine drawer from KitchenAid

The “Green” KitchenAid refrigerated wine drawer can help you keep your favorite red and white wines close as this single drawer can be easily installed under your working space allowing you to have your bottles right where you spend your busy days and always at the right temperature. Equipped with the Soft-Close feature, an EasyClean stainless steel door with ultraviolet tempered glass and 4 wooden racks for dampening vibration and stabilising the temperature, the single refrigerated wine drawer, KRWS 9010 can take up to 16 one-liter bottles. This green wine drawer also keeps your wine cool between of 8-12° C, using R600A natural refrigerant, thus saving ozone and your conscience, and not aggravating global warming. Noise level of 44 dBA makes it quiet enough for your private workplace. The price is £1,000. KitchenAid. Previously, “Green” fridge-freezer from Samsung.