Green washer from Gorenje – the 7kg free standing green washing machine

The free standing Gorenje WA 74163 washing machine is quite green, coming second throughout UK market in water efficiency using maximum 45 litres of water per its longest wash cycle. The 7kg washer built-in technology determines the water requirements of the load and regulates the flow accordingly, so not a single drop is wasted. This green washer also uses the very minimum amount of detergent, necessary to achieve excellent washing results. The machine is A+AA rated, with A+ for Energy class, and A for washing and spinning performances. With the maximum speed of 1,600 RPM, the Gorenje green washer consumes on average only 1.19 kW per hour of electricity and .17 kW per hour for each kilogram of load.
Operating this free standing washer is easy with electronic UseLogic controls, one-hand central program setting, easily readable double row blue LCD-display, preseting time delay of washing, preset washing time, language setting, ClearWater sensor, service diagnostic and child safety program lock. The 5 main washing programs include Cotton, Synthetics, Delicate and Silk, Wool, and Hand Wash. The 8 additional programs are Jogging, Mix, Spinning, Rinse, Softening, Water Pump, Intensive Washing and Easy Ironing allowing for complete and versatile wash of virtually every type of fabric and garment. The green washer comes with 7 functions – Quick Wash, High Water Level, Spin Speed Setting, Extra Rinse, Pre-Wash, Rinse Hold and Temperature Setting.
Gorenje makes this free standing green washing machine completely safe and child proof with Partial Aqua Stop, Ultra Cool Door, Stability, Control System, Overflow Protection, Foam Control, and Electronic Door opening. The environment friendly washer is perfect for large family due to the 7kg load and is sold for £470. Gorenje.