Innovative Green appliances from Fisher & Paykel

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Long before the recent push for green products, Fisher & Paykel Appliances was envisioning and creating energy efficient and environmentally beneficial appliances for the home. Thinking green has always been a way of life around Fisher & Paykel. The company impressive legacy of innovation stretches back to its founding in New Zealand more than 75 years ago. Fisher & Paykel has long been recognized in New Zealand as a technology and design leader in the home appliance industry. Similar recognition in the U.S. market has come more slowly mostly through the introduction of its innovative DishDrawer Dishwasher and EcoSmart washer that offers distinctive European style design combined with cost-saving environmentally friendly features.
Also notable, Fisher & Paykel most recently moved to a silver metallic decal and updated the buttons on their washers as well as updating the shapes and symbols to achieve décor objectives in the home. Another great development this year is the increased capacity of their washers from 3.7 cubic feet to 4.2 cubic feet. Yet the growing interest among U.S. consumers for green and energy efficient home appliances can only bode well for the company growth prospects. “Consumers are increasingly demanding energy efficient home appliances that not only cut down on their energy costs, but also are not harmful to the environment,” said Laurence Mawhinney, President of Fisher & Paykel Appliances. “This is not a new initiative for us. Protecting the environment has long since been an integral part of our company culture at Fisher & Paykel. We have been at the forefront of providing innovative products that promote green living for many years.”
Fisher & Paykel has leads the way with its energy saving laundry products, including the EcoSmart and AquaSmart washers. This impressive lineup of Energy Star rated washers all have energy and water ratings, which far exceed the minimum standard. The AquaSmart washer earned a Modified Energy Factor rating of 2.25, which exceeds the Department of Energy 2007 standard of 1.72 by 31%. This makes it one of the most energy efficient top loading washing machines in North America. Select laundry appliances that the company manufactures will qualify for the State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program, which will give out over $300 million in rebates in early Spring.

With these top rated machines, consumers can save water, time and money and still protect the environment. That is no small thing these days with ever rising energy costs. While we are seeing a slight increase in the use of Renewal Energies (7%), the fact still remains that residential consumption still relies heavily on fossil fuels – coal, petroleum, and natural gas, with crude oil-based petroleum as the dominant source of energy, according to the Energy Information Administration.
Some additional energy saving facts about Fisher & Paykel washers and dryers include,
– EcoSmart uses only 22% of the energy and 58% of the water that a conventional washer uses. Its 1000-rpm spin cycle saves up to 30 % of the time and energy needed to dry clothes.
– EcoSmart achieves Tier 2 and AquaSmart achieve Tier 3 of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency Super Efficient Home Appliances Initiative meaning they will be eligible for substantial rebates through the customers utility company.
– The AeroSmart dryer features moisture sensing technology that detects how long it will take to dry a load of clothes resulting in time and ultimately energy savings.
– Allergy cycles are now available on selected models which help prevent the onset of Dermatitis and Asthma, which affects a huge proportion of the population. Allergic Asthmas is the most common form of Asthma affecting 50% of the 20 million sufferers in America.
– AquaSmart has a water factor of 4.3 which exceeds the DOE 2007 minimum standard of 8.0 by more than 46%.
– EcoSmart also offer the lowest energy consumption rate of all full-sized top-loading washers with a full-sized agitator.
“Our experience of combining superior performance with forward thinking energy saving technology sets apart Fisher & Paykel laundry products from our competitors,” said Mawhinney.