Rayburn Heatranger 680KCD

The new 680KCD cooker belongs to the Rayburn 600 Series and offers efficiency and performance, responding to the growing demands of the consumers who put energy savings, economic and environmental benefits on the top of their agenda. The 600 Series already include 3 models – the 660K, 680K and 699K, designed to meet all your cooking, hot water and central heating needs. The 680KCD comes with ‘A’ rated condensing boiler, offering over 92% efficiency and is also available as a cooker-only range.
Beneath its classically beautiful enamelled exterior, the Rayburn Heatranger 680KCD is a highly efficient, combined cooking and heating system. And thanks to the 80,000 BTU boiler output, it is capable of heating up to 16 radiators, creating a warm home and piping hot water whenever you need. The balanced flue allows the range to be installed against any external wall. It also has the largest rectangular cast-iron hot plate on the market and two large ovens.

The larger 47 litre main oven has space sufficient to cook a 28 pound turkey, while the lower oven has a 34 litre capacity, and is half the temperature of the main oven. The ovens cast iron construction uses conduction, convection and radiant heat with neither naked flame nor exposed element, making the heat incredibly even, and produces both beautifully cooked and nutritious food. The main oven, which is 16% larger than previous Heatranger models, allows you to roast, bake and simmer, and features full venting so the different foods flavours do not mix. It also has 4 zones, grilling in the top part of the oven, baking in the middle zone and frying on the floor of the oven, which also works well as a pizza oven. In addition, it serves as an excellent slow-cooker. The cast-iron lower oven, which is 27% larger than previous Rayburn Series, operates at half the temperature of the main oven, again making it perfect for slow-cooking as well as steaming vegetables, rice and puddings. Up to 6 Rayburn pans can be stacked at the same time in the lower oven. Also works well for warming plates and dishes.
The one-piece rectangular hotplate for the Rayburn Heatranger 680KCD is the largest on the market, accommodating up to 8 pans. The hottest zone for boiling is on the left hand side of the hotplate, while the coolest for simmering is on the right. So you simply move the pans around when temperature change is needed. All Heatranger cookers are equipped with the programmable digital timers and thermostatic electronic sensors which monitor both the oven and boiler to ensure constant temperatures. Rayburn. Previously, Rayburn Cookmaster.