Samsung European fridge freezer combo – Green appliance

Designed for European markets, primarily German, the Samsung RL-39WBSM is a stylish and elegant European “Green” fridge freezer. Beautifully finished in stainless steel, this fridge freezer has a gross capacity of 345 litres in spite of rather slim forms, with 241 litres in the refrigerator and 104 litres in the freezer. To confirm with strict European controls, this Samsung fridge uses R600a, a natural refrigerant which does not damage the ozone layer or contribute to global warming, making the fridge freezer a true Green appliance. It is also frost free, with improved cooling technology there is no need to defrost the freezer. Multiple air outlets to maintain an even and ideal temperature throughout the refrigerator. Vacation function allows you to empty and switch off this energy efficient refrigerator without having to turn off the freeze. Other features include water dispenser, twist and serve ice dispenser, digital display and controls, high moisture vegetable bins, transparent freezer drawers, and tempered glass shelves. Overall dimensions are W595 x H1920 x D669 mm, so this Green appliance can fit into the narrowest place n your kitchen, The price is € 929. Samsung Appliances. Previously, Samsung Integral 60 refrigerator.