Siemens automatic vacuum cleaner self adjusts to the floor surface

The Siemens automatic vacuum cleaner, Z 4.0 is the first vacuum ever to adjust to the floor surface. This automatic cleaner automatically selects the optimal level of suction for every floor surface. In addition to greater convenience, the advantages are also quite measurable – in alternating between hard floor and carpet cleaning, the Siemens vacuum generates a 30 percent energy savings and is up to 22 percent quieter. Quite nice from every angle, isn’t it. As Siemens puts it, owners of the Z 4.0 automatic vacuum should adjust themselves to no longer having to make adjustments. Thanks to its special performance sensor, the vacuum independently regulates its suction power to match the floor surface. Whether it is Cotto tiles on carpet or oriental rugs over hardwood, when switching from one surface to another, the sensors detect through the higher or lower pressure whether too much or too little suction is being used. The Siemens intelligent vacuum then adjusts its performance upwards or downwards, as it is needed. You don’t have to bend down to adjust power and the annoyance of the nozzle constantly adhering to the carpet is also a thing of the past – the powerful 2,200 watt motor is always optimally used. Not only this intelligent automatic cleaner gives each floor surface individualized care, but it is also especially energy efficient, using only as much power as needed to achieve completely clean surfaces. The Ultra Air HEPA hygiene filtration and improved MEGAfilt-SuperTEX filter bags trap even the smallest dust particles, and the air flow control system regulates air circulation in the motor compartment, which is completely sealed with the patented air safe. Even allergy-causing pollen remain inside the vacuum. That makes the exhaust air up to 99.997 percent particle free and thus even cleaner that the room air. The motor of the Siemens Z 4.0 cleaner is quiet thanks to the special noise reduction of the interior compartment. Noise optimized caster wheels ensure maximum smoothness on hard floors. Combined with the automatic function, the result is one quiet Siemens vacuum cleaner. The 10 meter cord for a large operating radius and integrated accessories compartment complete the convenience. Champagne metallic finish and the price is € 230.