Truly Green steam iron from AEG

The first truly Green steam iron is based on the excellent AEG Electrolux 4Safety steam iron and makes the rather unpopular duty of getting your garments wearable on public again after a wash, a much less annoying chore.
The versatile AEG DB 5136GR 4Safety Green was developed with great theme of sustainability in play. Even the packaging is made ​of 99% recycled paper, going much further than a typical packing box. The iron housing is made using at least 33% of recycled plastics, white the water and electricity consumption is cut by one-third when compared to other steam irons.

The AEG 4Safety Green stops whenever is ON but not being used. If this steam iron is active and then left on its bottom or side, it shut automatically off in just 30 seconds. In the upright position, it goes off in 8 minutes. In addition, the DB 5136GR 4Safety Green sounds an audible alarm and gives a light signal indicating the shutdown. This ensures maximum security and saves around 30% in electricity and water. AEG calculation claims that someone who irons around two and half hours per week will save some € 60 in 6 years, meaning that the truly first Green steam iron which currently sells for around € 50, will more than pay for itself. AEG. Previously, AEG Electrolux 5Safety steam iron.