Washing machine with SuperEco cold wash technology

The new AEG-Electrolux Super Eco L64580LE is super efficient washing machine that saves up to 83% energy, thanks to the SuperEco cold wash technology which allows effective cleaning without the need to heat the water. A Super Eco wash program dedicated to cottons and EasyCare fabrics not only maintains an AEG-Electrolux tradition of producing eco friendly domestic appliances, but is the world first ever washing machine to use cold water in a wash cycle along with cold active/activated washing powders and solutions such as Ariel Excel Gel. This revolutionary feature allows the AEG-Electrolux Super Eco to establish an energy efficient milestone by using only 0.1 kWh of energy consumption per wash against an average consumption of 1.24 kWh. This provides energy savings of 83% against an EasyCare 40°C wash and a 72% saving against an EasyCare 30°C wash. Furthermore, the AEG Super Eco uses only 41 litres of water in its Eco Wash setting, against an average of 50 litres.
The Super Eco technology is tailored to the requirements of cold active/activated washing powders and solutions. Through a special combination of enzymes, this washing solution offers great wash results even at very low temperatures. The Super Eco program enhances the wash process by using just the necessary amount of water to create the optimum amount of cleaning foam. This, in combination with a reverse drum action ensures great cleaning results.

Other features at a glance are
– only heats the water if the temperature is less than 6°C.
– takes only 64 minutes with 35 minutes in main wash cycle
– has 20 programs including Quick 20 minute wash, Silk, and Jeans program
– Delay Start, Sensitive wash, Stains and Time reduction options
– 7 kg capacity
– Extra rinse option
– ‘A+’ energy rated
The AEG-Electrolux Super Eco L64580LE washing machine will be available from November 2009 and is expected to sell at around of £520.