Water heater by Gorenje Tiki

This new water heater from Gorenje Tiki is actually a heat pump which saves money and contributes to a cleaner environment. Mounted on the water storage tank, the heat pump represents the most energy efficient and cost effective way of water heating, drawing the heat from the ambient air and using extra energy source to heat the water up to 55°C. The Gorenje pump is equipped with a system for thermal disinfection in order to prevent bacterial growth, by extra heating the system in even intervals up to 65°C. At the same time, the pump can be used for cooling smaller rooms. Compared to oil heating or gas heating, the investment in heat pump pays off in few short years.
The upright floor water heat pump comes in 200, 300, 400 and 500 liter sizes. Gorenje Tiki also makes a compact version with heat pump and water tank built in one unit. Additional one or two tubular heat exchangers are available for combination with other energy sources, like central heating system, solar energy, etc.

Main attributes include,
– high quality, enamel coated at 850°C steel sheet water tank
– Magnesium anode for additional anti-corrosion protection of the tank
– digital controller of heat pump
– water temperature adjustment
– water temperature display
– bacteria control program
– excellent heat insulation for lower heat loss
– coating colour of your choice
Gorenje Tiki. Previously, Energy Star rated hybrid water heater by GE.