Wood burning grills – portable green BBQ grills from WoodFlame

WoodFlame portable BBQ grills don’t use propane or charcoal and are the fastest and most powerful multi-purpose BBQ grills, and yes, are considered ecologically green. These wood burning grills burn small cubes made of pretty much any type of hardwood including maple, oak, apple, birch, pine and cherry. Two or three are sufficient to cook a meal. You can substitute these cubes as long as you have dry wood and small saw. The main advantages of these wood burning BBQ grills are safety and speedy power.
There are no hazardous materials to carry, no gas connections, no propane and flammable charcoal fluids to light, and no need for a stand because the blower forces heat up toward the grill, so the sides and bottom of the barbecue always stay cool, so you can even use it safely on a picnic table or even a plastic tablecloth. The first electronically controlled forced air wood burning BBQ grill reaches 1200 °F with smashing 62,000 BTU in just 2 minutes, and with 9 preset digital temperature settings you are in total control. You can barbecue, grill, stir-fry, boil, heat flavoring with beer, wine or broth, smoke, roast and blacken with over 25 different types of wood and dozens of herbs for flavor fusion.
The larger wood burning grill, Delecto shown above, features stainless steel cooking area of 207 sq. in., measures only H11.5″ x W24″ x D13″ and weights just over 17.5 lbs, making Delecto one delectable portable grill. Cast aluminum smoke lid and stainless steel collector trays. The ultra portable Gusto is the smaller of the two wood burning grills, and weighting 10 lbs, still gives you 121 sq. in. of cooking surface.
This small portable BBQ also available with special universal bracket that can be fixed to modern boat tie-down attachments and protective weather resistant cover, so you can burn wood in the sea or on the lake. As far as ecology, the wood burning grills utilize a forced air system, so the combustion is fast and complete, keeping carbon monoxide and dioxin emissions at tiniest levels. There is no expired propane cylinders to dispose of. Wood is regarded as a renewable energy and wood burning is part of the natural carbon cycle. A living green tree converts Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen during its entire growth period. These amounts far outweigh the amounts of Carbon Dioxide produced by combustion. For that reason, specialists consider wood burning as having a zero effect on the emission on Greenhouse Effect gases. Considering obvious heath benefits of wood burning grilling, the portable BBQ grills from WoodFlame are simply must for every outdoor enthusiast.