Panasonic expands home appliance range in the UK

Building on the existing range with introduction of new side-by-side fridge-freezers and washing machines for the UK market, Panasonic Corporation announced the launch of a new range of fridge-freezers and washing machines for the UK market. The launch further expands Panasonic’s product portfolio, building on the introduction of home appliances into Europe in 2009. Already the leader in the domestic Japanese market, Panasonic is bringing to the UK the innovative and energy-saving features on which it has built its reputation at home. The products blend high performance, innovation and ease of use with market-leading energy saving features, all wrapped up in a sleek, stylish design.
“Our products are aimed at the discerning, environmentally conscious European consumers who also appreciate good design” says Subodha Bhatt, Product Manager Major Domestic Appliances at Panasonic UK. “The Panasonic design philosophy is simple: put the consumer first, and develop innovative products with features that make a genuine difference – from prolonging the life of fresh fruit and vegetables with our unique Vitamin-Safe compartment, to tilting our washer drum by 10° to reduce water consumption. “Our deep-rooted commitment to the environment runs through the entire product range,” continues Subodha Bhatt. “The energy-saving technologies we have incorporated have struck a particular chord with the UK’s environmentally-conscious consumers.”


Panasonic is adding two new products to the cooling range, both being US style side by side fridge-freezers, the NR-B53V1 in Stainless Steel with Anti-Fingerprint Coating and the Arctic White NR-B54X1. Both products feature Panasonic’s advanced technologies to deliver maximum performance and usability while protecting the environment. These new models are among the most energy-efficient in the industry, thanks to Panasonic’s Inverter technology, U-Vacua vacuum insulation panel and Twin-Eco Cooling System. The Inverter technology for example, uses a system of sensors and microprocessors to select automatically from multiple possible power levels, allowing the product to run on minimal power overnight and at times of low usage, thereby conserving valuable energy.
Panasonic’s U-Vacua vacuum insulation panel, included on the NR-B53V1, is an ultra-thin insulation sheet made from glass-fibre processed in a vacuum and with 20 times more insulation than traditional materials. In addition, the Twin-Eco Cooling System on both the NR-B53V1 and NR-B54X1 uses an EcoValve to close off the cooling circuit for the refrigerator when it is not needed, unlike traditional twin cooling systems, which always cool both the fridge and the freezer at the same time. The result is greater energy efficiency, a reduction in materials and more space for food storage. Together, these innovative technologies have earned the NR-B53V1 an ‘A++’ rating in the coveted EU energy efficiency standard, a world first in the plumbed-in US style side by side fridge-freezer category.

The new products are as stylish on the inside as they are on the outside. Smart interior design ensures the maximum space available for grocery storage, including adjustable shelving, large storage compartments and an integrated wine rack. The NR-B53V1 also features Panasonic’s Vitamin-Safe compartment, a fruit and vegetable section with its own temperature control and high humidity setting, creating the ideal conditions for fruit and vegetable storage. The compartment even features two flashing LED lights to simulate the blue and green hues of sunlight, activating the natural defenses in fruit and vegetables to prevent vitamin loss. Additional features include Panasonic’s Hygiene Active, a combination of technologies that fight odour and protect against harmful bacteria. The system includes a combined lifetime air filter, air circulation and LED light system, which eliminate 99.9999% of typical bacteria.
Panasonic’s new side-by-side models feature two LED control panels. The first one is situated in the centre between the two doors and allows the user to easily adjust temperature and control settings, such as super freeze and Eco cooling. The second LED control panel, located atop the Ice Water Dispenser, allows the user to select whether to dispense water, cubed ice or crushed ice, without opening the door. The dispenser area also features beautiful LED lighting, ensuring bottles and glasses can be easily seen, even at night time.
There are five new washing machines joining the home appliance line-up, product codes NA-168VX2, NA-168VG2, NA-148VA2, NA-128VA2 and NA-147VB2. Four of the five models have achieved EU energy efficiency ratings 30 percent lower than ‘A’ level standard. Like the fridge-freezers, they rank best in class in terms of electricity use, and with an increased load capacity of 8kg, these are some of the most efficient washing machines on the market. In addition to this, the NA-168VX2 and NA-168VG2 are part of the Energy Savings Trust Endorsement Scheme. Both products have received the coveted status of ‘Energy Efficiency Recommended’.
All five models benefit from Panasonic’s innovative Inverter, tilted drum and 3D Sensor technologies, which combine to enable a higher performance wash with a shorter cycle and lower water consumption. The Inverter technology changes the motor’s rotation and output based on sensors in the machine to achieve the best possible results, while the tilted drum lowers reduces water consumption. 3D Sensor Wash monitors how the laundry is moving inside the machine, and can make adjustments to the speed and rotation to enable the laundry to tumble from the optimal position. This eliminates unbalanced loads, is gentle on clothes, and results in a better performance wash with lower water needs. Panasonic has also added a range of tailor-made programmes for virtually every type of fabric, including special programmes for washing shirts, sportswear, baby clothes, bedding and delicate fabrics as well as the Eco 15°C Wash cycle and memory function. The new products will be rolling out across Europe in Spring 2010. Panasonic UK.