Coloured glass splashbacks from toughened glass

Some of these coloured glass splashbacks are quite stunning. Made of thick toughened glass, these beautifully designed coloured splashbacks are very popular in UK and Australia. The trend is catching up here as well. Besides perfectly suited for kitchens, traditional and contemporary, you can install glass splashback in color and texture of your choice in bathrooms where they make among other things, durable and elegant shower enclosures. Here we have few samples of what your kitchen can look like with tastefully implemented coloured glass splashback.
Above and just below are two glass splashbacks from Windsor Glass, UK-based glass processing company – unique multi coloured kitchen splashback for contemporary home and red laminated coloured glass splashbacks for very modern, minimalist kitchen.
These stunning, richly-red and subtly illuminated designs come from Australian Celsius which has been making gorgeous coloured glass splashbacks and other glass items for over 20 years. Partnering with leading designers and architects, Celsius strives to meet current trends, using variety of colours, textures and combining glass with stone, metal or timber.

These two images come from Splashback Glass, another UK supplier of glass splash backs. The full service company uses 6mm to 19mm thick, low iron, toughened glass and will professionally install robust, safe and hygienic coloured glass splashbacks. Splashback Glass also offers remotely controlled low energy LED lighting, allowing you to turn a plain glass into coloured at the touch of a button. And you can stop on any colour or have your glass splashback run every colour through a slow fade program.

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