Glass splashback from ICON GLASS

Rosewood – Woods Collection
For a completely streamlined and minimalist look, steal the identity of your wooden kitchen cabinetry and create a picture-perfect aesthetic with a like-for-like glass splashback, digitally matched to whatever finish of kitchen you want. Creating a true design match, flawless finish and ultimate contrast in texture, ICON GLASS is the new building material of the future.

Walnut – Woods Collection
Glassdomain ICON GLASS Walnut kitchen splashback makes for a realistic and practical choice and can be found in its extremely lifelike Woods Image Collection. The Woods collection is a perfect way of introducing the beauty of exotic timbers to the most unusual places, without impacting on the world natural resources. When partnered with an all wood, same finish kitchen, as pictured on the right, the Walnut kitchen splashback seamlessly matches seamlessly, making the difference impossible to the eye.
Zabrano – Woods Collection
The possibility of ICON GLASS is endless, and now with the ability to match exactly to your kitchen, you can guarantee to create a very personal and unique finish. The Woods collection by ICON GLASS provides a textured element to any room, presenting a distinct composition for added depth of design and functionality.
ICON GLASS uses a unique printing process that offers revolutionary design opportunity. The base material is 6mm toughened low-iron glass for splashbacks and panels. This glass is used to ensure the image is represented at its full quality. The selected image is digitally printed onto the back of the glass and encapsulated with a white coating. Any shaping or cut outs required are processed in the glass before toughening. Using an approved adhesive the glass panels are simply bonded directly to the wall. Glassdomain.
Besides Woods, you can select from 5 other standard image collections, Vivid, Nature, Urban, Regency and Minerals. Solid colours and bespoke designs are also available.
Old Wall – Vivid Collection
Glacier – Vivid Collection
Meadows – Nature Collection
Trees – Nature Collection
Stripes – Urban Collection
Paint – Urban Collection
Flock – Regency Collection
Baroque – Regency Collection
Marble – Minerals Collection
Specky – Minerals Collection

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