Glass tiles for splashbacks – recyclable Glass²

[KBIS 2010 Review]
Glass² is a very unique product. Environmentally friendly, easy to fabricate, and sustainable design are just a few of the qualities and benefits that draw people to this beautiful new glass line. With the beautiful glass tiles made of 99% recycled glass, you can design stunning splashbacks, bathroom walls, counter tops, floors, fireplace surrounds and table tops. Developed in 2008 by a team of engineers, the Glass² tiles are quite flexible, can be bent in production and are perfectly suitable for exterior design applications as well.

Main features of these glass tiles for splashbacks and other applications are
– 99% recycled glass with no resin
– no bacteria, and will not stain, virtually maintenance free
– absorption rate is 0.2%
– scratch resistant, but can be repaired if scratched
– can be fabricated by both stone and glass fabricators alike
– cold and heat resistant, which allows it to be used as outside cladding
– glass base, no glue or chemicals involved
– nor radioactive elements, and no change of color due to weather conditions
– 10 colors to choose from, 9 being translucent, 1 semi-translucent
Available in standard sizes of 47″ x 95″, 27″ x 118″ and 55″ x 118″ with 2cm and 3cm thickness. Custom slab sizes are also available ranging in various sizes and in thicknesses from 1.6cm to 3cm. Glass2.

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