Large format tiles by Fireclay Tile

The new contemporary large format wall tiles from Fireclay Tile will definitely add a whole new dimension to your splashback and other ceramic coverings. Claymonde are exquisite sheets of ceramic color, developed through a proprietary ceramic rolling process resulting in ultra thin yet also durable, futuristic, lightweight, straight-edged large format tiles. The ceramic sheet rolling method makes the wall tiles close to perfectly flat .25″ thick, while the ceramic fiber in the clay body provides some flexibility to the tile so that they can be pressed up against a flat wall surface.

Fireclay hand glazes all colored pieces with their natural, lead free glazes. Careful craftsmanship and sustainable practices go into the glazing of the Claymonde large tiles in its Northern California factory. The glazes are made in-house and are lead free. All glaze over-spray is collected and recycled while any waste they do produce is inert and non-hazardous, as are the tiles themselves. The Claymonde glazing process is designed to minimize variation, thus enhancing the contemporary look of these large format tiles. Now available in 14 standard glaze colors with a sleek gloss finish that creates a shiny, semi-reflective sheen. Custom colors can also be created. Claymonde is available in two standard sizes – 5.75″ x 35.25″ and 11.69″ x 35.25″ – and custom sizes up to 3’x6′ are available for orders over 600 square feet. Claymonde is designed for both interior and exterior applications, and it is ideal for wall applications in commercial, residential, retail, and hospitality settings. So far Claymonde has been used on grocery store ceilings and walls, residential bathroom and kitchen walls, fireplace surrounds, and outdoor kitchens and mosaic designs. Fireclay Tile. Previouisly, recycled tile backsplash by Fireclay Tile.

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