Mosaic stone backsplash tile

Small tile mosaic stone backsplash from Mozaico
The art of the Mosaic goes way back, some 3,000 years BC and is considered one of the oldest art forms that is still here. Stone mosaics used to enhanced decors of the rich and powerful. From ancient palaces of Roman, Greek, and Mesopotamian cultures, the incredibly beautiful mosaic stone backsplash tile finds the way to the modern kitchens of today consumers. You can have stone backsplash done in polished, tumbled or antique tile. Mosaic can be made in shapes, colors and finishes that truly meet your taste and satisfy imagination – whether you draw ideas from the French and Italian Renaissance, want your stone backsplash to resemble mosaic walls from Roma villa, or want to enjoy your favorite modern art with every morning cup of coffee.

4″ hexagon red onyx mosaic stone backsplash from Maestro Mosaics
Stone mosaic backsplash in tiles of various shapes and sizes by Francois & Co
Rectangular tile stone mosaic backsplash by Ravenna Mosaics
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Mosaic tile backsplash
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