New Ravenna Shades of Gray mosaic

New Ravenna is pleased to present a collection of mosaics in shades of gray designed by Sara Baldwin. All hand crafted, the mosaics made from natural stone display an array of different hues, from the deep charcoal Greystoke in Chevron, Hex and Penny Rounds to the warm Angora and Cashmere found in Kasbah.

The cooler blue spectrum of gray is represented by Ombre Chevron with Lavastone, Zircon, and Alabaster jewel glass. Kelp Forest is created in Alabaster jewel glass, its undulating design defined by the gray grout which outlines each blade. Balsato Orvieto is a stone from Italy flecked with mini-geodes of quartz. Each mosaic is assembled by hand, one piece at a time. The mosaics are either custom made for each installation, or they are part of the Studio Line, which is ready to ship within 48 hours of ordering. See also Sea Glass mosaic tile and Tile Envy Edited by Deborah Osburn.
According to Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna founder and creative director, gray is one of the most fascinating colors in nature’s spectrum. She says, “in the materials we use, gray is never a single note. Our natural stone and jewel glass ripple with striated color variations, creating an elegant vitality. In a design like Kasbah we have used only two different stones and yet the mosaic contains an entire spectrum of hues. It is this neutral medley that imbues gray with sophistication.

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