Recycled tile backsplash by Fireclay Tile

Clay, glass and granite dust is the makeup of Debris Series recycled tile from Fireclay. The beautifully sustainable handmade ceramic tile backsplash can now be yours. And it is made in the U.S. In reflection to the growing awareness about the environment in which we live in today, Fireclay Tile continues to increase the sustainable materials and practices in their tile designs. The Debris Series Recycled Tile now contains over 62% recycled materials, creating one of the most beautiful, environmentally friendly ceramic products on the market. Its unique clay body contains more post-industrial and post-consumer waste than any other tile on the market. The result is a high quality clay body with a warm red-brown hue that is truly beautiful, unique, and sustainable.

Manufactured in Northern California, the Debris Series uses all locally sourced recycled materials and California Clay. Your recycled tile backsplash will contain
– waste glass made up of baghouse dust collected from local glass recyclers
– granite dust from a neighboring granite quarry
– spent abrasives from the cleaning of pipes transporting water to San Francisco
And if this is not enough for the most environmentally concerned consumers, the recycled tile backsplash is manufactured within Fireclay day-lit, open air factory, that recycles clays, glazes and water. Tiles are made from the most durable, highest quality and aesthetic handmade ceramic materials by combining Old World traditional techniques with modern sophistication that is unique, affordable, and green. All tiles are LEED compliant and contribute to LEED construction credits.

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