Miele rotary iron

Changing the old ways of doing laundry, this Miele rotary iron, B 890 E features a 34 1/4″ wide roller that presses table and bed linens, and garments to a crisp professional finish with amazing ease. Using smooth rotary motion, the iron will finish a tablecloth, a duvet cover or a stack of napkins in less than four minutes, saving you time and efforts after a busy night of guests, spilled wine and coffee. This machine is easily operated by a simple foot pedal so your hands are free, allowing you to sit comfortably as you guide items through the top roller and heating plate. Miele designed this rotary iron in a way that you can quickly adjust the roller speed to suit the type of laundry being pressed or your preferred working rate. This machine can handle delicate lace or put razor-sharp creases into pants. Nicely pressed laundry folds neatly onto a shelf underneath. A swing-out bar provides additional space to hang finished items. The iron open-end design easily accommodates awkwardly shaped items such as shirts and blouses which can be fitted over the open end without being folded. The open end also allows for easy ironing of very wide items such as sheets and tablecloths. Other features include three temperature settings, a finger guard and an emergency release button. After use, the iron folds vertically to a compact size and wheels away for storage. You can buy this Miele rotary iron for $2,000 at Williams-Sonoma. Miele. See also Siemens shirt ironing Dressman.

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