Miele steam ironing system – FashionMaster

Featuring patent pending honeycomb soleplate and unique active ironing table, the FashionMaster is Miele first steam ironing system. Its patented 1-2-Lift System allows the table to be both raised and folded away effortlessly. Other Miele-exclusive features and highlights include an automatic descaling and rinsing function and the steamer. With the honeycomb soleplate, the hand iron ties in with the success of the honeycomb drum on Miele washing machines and tumble dryers and nicely rounds off Miele laundry-care range by significantly simplifying the job of ironing compared with conventional models.


When it comes to convenience, the FashionMaster ironing system leave little to be desired. Starting with the classic iron, which evaporates water to moisturise textiles, to the steam ironing station with a separate steam generator and culminating in the steam ironing system with its active table. Hand iron, steam generator and ironing table form a single, integrated unit offering a finely tuned all-in-one solution to the irksome chore of ironing.

Innovative, convenient and easy to use, just as Miele rotary iron was only a few years ago, both FashionMaster models excel in terms of ease of transportation and handling. They can be wheeled around with ease, from storage location to place of work. The large wheels make for excellent manoeuvrability as the unit wends its way around furniture with alacrity, and even takes the odd step or two in its stride.
But these steam ironing systems really come into their own when being set up or folded away for storage. The patented 1-2-Lift System makes getting the machine ready for work child play. The characteristic combination of scissor hinge and tower unfolds in only two sweeping movements, reducing back strain and requiring little physical effort. Gas stays allow the ironing table to be adjusted effortlessly and with precision to the required working height. Then, laundry permitting, work can commence. Two storage compartments offer ample space for the iron and sundry accessories so that all that is needed is ready to hand.
The active ironing table features a fan which can both extract steam as well as inflate the table padding. Steam extraction ensures that the penetration of fabrics is optimal and reduces any build-up of condensate on the ironing table. Furthermore, this helps secure garments in place and prevents them from slipping. The inflatable padding below the ironing board cover prevents seams from leaving unsightly impressions on laundry. Thus the system allows fine garments, for example those made from angora, to be gently ironed without compressing or damaging the fabric. In fact, quite the opposite is the case: Ironed fabrics still have bounce and handle even after ironing. Frills can be nicely shaped and tidied up without looking squashed. This feature is switched on and off automatically – as soon as steam is required, the fan starts to run and is automatically switched off during breaks in ironing.
In order to maintain this level of perfection over time, the FashionMaster steam ironing system takes maintenance into its own hands. Depending on water hardness and the quantity of water evaporated, the appliance automatically calculates descaling intervals itself. It provides advance notification of the need for descaling, allowing users to decide themselves on the most convenient time. This automatic descaling function is exclusive to Miele.
Another exclusive Miele feature is the automatic rinse function. The calculation of rinse intervals is based on the amount of water evaporated. Rinsing with water removes mineral residue left behind by the evaporation process in the steam generator.
A further highlight of the Miele FashionMaster is its high steam evaporation rate, in particular when ironing thick, dense fabrics and garments such as denim or linen and, above all, when steaming clothes on hangers. Depending on the model, the Miele steam ironing system achieves a pressure of 3.5 and 4 bar on models B 1312 and B 1847 respectively.
The B 1847 FashionMaster system differs from the entry-line model in respect of a second fan power stage and a particularly heat-resistant board cover made from Aramid needle-felt cloth. This flagship model also features the Miele exclusive steamer. This device is ideal for vertical work to remove the creases from hanging garments such as dresses and jackets. The steamer is light and handy, making for immaculately crease-free results. As it does not have a heated base, the risk of shiny spots through inadvertent contact with fabrics can be safely ruled out. The brush attachment gently raises the pile on fabrics and ensures that safe distances are kept.

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