Rowenta irons – Advancer iron

Rowenta Advancer iron is an excellent choice for a person who irons a lot, and looking for a top notch iron. As with other Rowenta irons, the Advancer is designed to allow for the best ironing experience. The platinum-silicate treated stainless steel soleplate provide tough yet extremely smooth surface and excellent glide. 400 microsteam holes provide perfect steam distribution and high precision tip delivers bursts of steam to iron the hard-to-reach wrinkles and areas of your most exquisite garment. Anti-Calc System removes impurities for long lasting, clean steam. 3-Way Smart Auto-Off turns the iron off in 8 minutes when it is in vertical position, and in 30 seconds if it is in horizontal position or tipped over. Vertical Steam allows to remove wrinkles from drapes and hanging garments. LED controls will show red if this iron is too hot, yellow when it is too cold, and green for the correct temperature. These irons are very stable when on its heel, and the handle is quite comfortable. Buy the Advancer Rowenta iron at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $130. Rowenta.

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