Latest Siemens accessory – Siemens shirt ironing Dressman

This shirt ironing Siemens accessory sure makes many ladies quite happy. Few men who iron their shirts, and not that we know of too many, must be happy too with the latest Siemens accessory that dries and irons shirts and blouses in minutes. Siemens Dressman is fully adjustable, has twelve programs to iron any shirt you have with clean warm air. It can also air freshen coats and sport coats and, if you get soaked in a rain, has two warm air programs to dry your damp coat and iron it. Made from parachute silk and machine washable, Mr. Shirt Ironing takes very little space once deflated, measuring only 119cm in height, 36.5cm in width, and 45cm in depth. That is just under 47″, 14.5″ and 18″ respectively. The price is £999 or $1,734. Hopefully, Siemens will soon come up with “shirt ironing” Dressman for trousers.