New Siemens steam generator iron

New Siemens integrated steam generator iron has all the advantages of a larger and more expensive steam ironing station with a separate water tank. The innovation is the water tank with a built-in five-watt motor that operates pump. Slightly larger than a postage stamp motor activates small piston to produce up to 40 grams of steam per minute. The iron is designed for practically any type of fabric and maintains constant steam jet. You can get such integrated steam generator iron with automatic cut-off feature where heat automatically shuts off if iron sits on its base idle for 8 minutes. If it is left on its sole, the power shuts off in 30 seconds. Suggested price is €100 or $128 for the standard iron, and €110 or $141 for the one with auto shut-off. See also Siemens shirt ironing Dressman.

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