Simac irons – Stirella Dual 8600 NoProblem

The latest from Simac irons, 8600 Stirella Dual NoProblem iron has an exclusive dual sole plate made of aluminium and stainless steel. The aluminium sole plate ensures rapid and even distribution of heat while the stainless steel sole plate makes the iron glide smoothly and effectively across all types of fabrics. These professional grade Simac irons ideally suitable for domestic use, also incorporate Aluminox, Stirella new patented bi metal boiler. An aluminium bottom with stainless steel top delivers the highest temperature in minimum time and maintains the highest pressure. Other benefits and features of 8600 Stirella Dual NoProblem iron are
– heating element designed to prevent limescale forming
– handle with antistatic, anti sweat coating
– separate controls for iron and boiler
– adjustable steam output with 120 gram per minute maximum
– vertical steam function
– iron ready indicator light
– 2.2 kW total power
Price for 8600 Stirella Dual NoProblem Simac iron is € 150. Simac.


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