Steam cleaners – Alpina steam cleaning machines

Designed to provide deep down cleaning, resulting in the thoroughly cleaned area well beneath the visible surface, Alpina steam cleaning machines leave it hygienic, free from germs and bacteria – all with minimal effort. Also important, new germs cannot find a fertile ground to grow. Steam cleaners also reduce the use of chemicals by 80 – 90%, while the water usage is reduced by 90 – 95%. Steam cleaner operates by transferring water from the cold water tank, through the boiler which heats it and turns it into steam at the nozzle. There are a range of accessories that can be attached to the lance in order to meet any cleaning requirement. The high temperature of the steam softens the greases, oils and fats, that bind dirt into or onto surfaces, allowing the pressure to dislodge all the particles. The dirt then is wiped or vacuumed away leaving surfaces sparkling and sanitised, as the temperature of the blast is deadly to germs, bacteria and bugs. Alpina steam cleaners.

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