Steam irons – AEG-Electrolux 4safety iron

The new steam irons by AEG-Electrolux will help you with the tedious and time-consuming battle against wrinkles and folds, making the rather boring and very unwanted activity known as ironing a bit easier. Let’s face it, not too many people out there are enthusiastic about ironing, but AEG-Electrolux hopes to change it with its 4safety steam iron. The iron is safer and easier to use. It comes with sophisticated and reliable security measures. If your 4safety steam iron falls, it switches itself off automatically after 30 seconds. If you left it standing upright on the ironing board for 8 minutes, it also switches off. Besides, these steam irons come with an integrated alarm that sounds 6 times to turn your attention back to potential hazards and risks to avoid accidents. Finally, it is equipped with AEG patented rubberized cushion against minor collisions while ironing. The new 4safety steam irons also have comfortable soft-touch handle and, in addition to the standard anti-lime, anti-drip system with self-cleaning function and variable steam output, offer a large 300ml capacity tank, saving you refilling time during ironing chore.

When it comes to wrinkles and folds, the steam iron makes a quick work of them. Its scratch-resistant enameled sole plate allows for effortless gliding and variable steam output makes sure that professional grade ironing is quite possible in your own home. The entry level 4safety DB 5110 is the 2.1 kW steam iron which offers anywhere from 35 to 90 grams of steam per minute. The 2.2 kW DB 5120 boast up to 100 gpm steam output whereas the 2.3 kW DB 5130 goes as high as 110 gpm. Depending on the model, you have 1.8 to 2.5 meter power cord to move around your ironing board. Prices for AEG-Electrolux 4safety DB 5110, DB 5120 and DB 5130 steam irons are € 60, € 75, and € 90 respectively. AEG-Electrolux.

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