New MAX microwave ovens by Whirlpool

The latest MAX microwave ovens boasts a very trendy design – they have curves. Whirlpool created the new microwaves to be practical and stylish, with a flat screen glass door for maximum visual impact and easy maintenance as well as large 13-litre interior with a full-size 28 cm turntable which takes a standard dinner plate. The MAX rounded back ensures oven fits neatly into the corner of the most compact kitchen worktop. Smartly designed top surface can be safely used to check the dish you are cooking.

Whirlpool MAX 35 comes with steam mode for quick healthy meals while MAX 38 offers Crisp with patented technology for oven-crisp results plus grill and combi-grill function. Other main features include cleverly positioned electronic controls with blue LED lights and Jet Defrost that is 7 times faster than a regular, due to exclusive 3D distribution system. Comes in white, silver, black or stainless steel.
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