Whirlpool gas range – free standing Whirlpool ranges

The features of this free standing Whirlpool gas range make it an ideal choice for almost any user. This distinct line of free standing gas ranges was developed by the makers of the Acros brand. With that, Whirlpool introduced a cooking gas range line, that was specifically designed to accommodate multicultural cooks. Its highly flexible configuration has five burners with cast iron burner grates, and allows a user to interchange the comal or grate, providing an adequate surface for cooking multiple tortillas or a variety of vegetables. The gas range full width grate provides the option for a uniform cooking surface to easily prepare a wide range of meals. A roll out broiler at the bottom of this Whirlpool range is a convenient feature that allows to bake and broil at the same time. Further, bilingual controls in Spanish and English allows for easier operation by diverse users. The price for this convenient Whirlpool gas range is $500.