Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer is available in US

The 36″ wide CoolDrawer from Fisher & Paykel is built to adapt to your future needs and changing lifestyle. First mentioned in our story on Izona line, it provides flexible fridge and freezer space to accommodate all your usage habits. The spill-proof storage bins are removable and interchangeable to adapt to a variety of storage needs. With 3.1 cu. ft. capacity the CoolDrawer offers 5 refrigerator drawer options with separate temperatures zones, including
– Freezer (0°F) (Deep Freezer -13 °F)
– Chill (31°F)
– Refrigerator (37°F)
– Pantry (53.5°F)
– Wine (53.5°F for long-term storage, 44.5°F for white wine serving and 59°F for red wine)
The ergonomic design and simple interface of the CoolDrawer make it easy to access your food and switch between complex functions such as the fridge, freezer and pantry compartments by simply pressing a button. The CoolDrawer opens on full extension runners and features a humidity control system to enable the ideal storage environment for fruit and vegetables. Regardless of what type food or beverage you need to store, the CoolDrawer provides the temperature control options to ensure optimal conditions are maintained with a high degree of accuracy, extending the freshness and nutrients of even highly perishable foods.
Other key features of this world’s first multi temperature and highly efficient fridge drawer are glass interface touch controls, key lock, door ajar alarm, LED lighting, aluminium trims, sub trays and bin, full height bottle storage, custom and prefinished skin options, and flexible installation options. Suggested price is $2,200 USD. Fisher & Paykel.

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