LG French Door refrigerator with blast chiller

The new 31 cubic foot French Door refrigerator from LG Electronics offers an innovative blast chiller expansive shelf space, powerful air control that helps keeps food fresh and other numerous convenience features.
The Energy Star rated refrigerator accommodates more than 50 gallons of milk in the fresh food compartment alone. This French Door model also offers expansive shelf space. While most icemakers are bulky and intrude inward, LG innovative Slim Space Plus feature relocates the icemaker inside the door, but leaving space for door bins and an obstruction-free top shelf. With insulation panels around 23% thinner than those used in previous LG refrigerators, the new French Door refrigerator boasts the slimmest and the most effective insulation yet for an LG refrigerator, providing customers with usable capacity without sacrificing energy efficiency.

The instantly popular blast chiller takes room temperature beverages, such as wine or soda cans and quickly cools them. It can chill a 12-ounce can in around 5 minutes as well as 2 soft drink cans or bottle of wine in 8 minutes. Quick chilling is enabled by Jet Flow and Swirling Structure, which decreases the temperature and distributes the chilled air throughout the chiller compartment.
The LG French Door refrigerator also features LG Smart Cooling Plus system, that helps keep food fresh to minimize food waste. The system uses the LG powerful linear compressor and dual evaporator, combined with digital sensors to help maintain optimal humidity and temperature. The digital sensors constantly monitor the interior climate, while the dual evaporator quickly reacts to any changes, rebalancing the air when necessary. These two systems work in tandem with LG unique Multi-Air Flow, a set of strategically placed vents that surround food with cool air, and the Fresh Air Filter, which features a dedicated fan that continuously circulates the filtered air throughout the refrigerator and helps keep air extremely fresh.
LG super-capacity French-door refrigerator is equipped with numerous convenience features that offer ease-of-use, enhanced organization and even troubleshooting. The refrigerator versatile Four-Compartment Crisper System provides easy access and more ways to organize fruits, vegetables and beverages in one of two humidity-controlled crisper drawers. A full-width, fully extending Glide-N-Serve drawer and a bonus drawer make party preparations easy.
You will get the 13″ extra-tall ice & water dispensing system, which is a flexible dispenser unit built to handle various sized containers, from pitchers to pints, and the Smart Pull Handle, a simple, intuitive feature to make opening and closing the freezer quick and easy, as a simple lift of the handle provides effortless access. Once inside, the 3-Tier Shelf Organization system keeps food organized and accessible.
If you encounter an unlikely mechanical issue, LG customer service representatives can quickly and efficiently resolve it over the phone – thanks to LG Smart Diagnosis technology, limiting costly, inconvenient service calls and home visits. LG Electronics.

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