Miele Grand Froid 4-door refrigerator

This large 4-door refrigerator, Miele Grand Froid offers incredible by European standards, 874 litre or 31 ft³ cooling capacity. This ergonomic refrigerator does provide extreme cold needed to keep the most sensitive and expensive foods fresh and crisp seemingly forever. It is equipped with specially designed Miele intelligent cooling system that ensures precise and uniform temperature and humidity throughout the fridge. The food cools very rapidly, retaining natural level of moisture which prevents any drying. The 4-door refrigerator also has two large vegetable and fruit drawers dedicated to the optimal storage of fresh produce as well as additional 103 litre BioFresh compartment which maintains temperature between 0.5°C and 3°C, extending fresh fish and meat storage time longer, while preserving the flavors and nutritional benefits. With 8 glass shelves including 7 adjustable, 5 various door bins and egg shelf, the 633 liter fridge section can handle everything.

241 liter No Frost freezer has freezing capacity of 15 kg per hour, letting you freeze whatever you just brought home and even help your next door neighbour. 6 drawers and 2 shelves, rapid freezing and better food preservation with no ice formation and subsequently no defrosting. Electronic temperature regulation, ‘A’ energy efficiency, stainless steel finish. The price is around €10,000. Miele. Previously, four door bottom-freezer refrigerator.

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