Rommelsbacher deep fryer

January 5, 2014

You can use this versatile Rommelsbacher deep fryer with one large or two small frying baskets, frying to perfection incredibly tasty and crispy sea food, […]

Wilfa waffle maker

December 30, 2013

The 1.7 kW Wilfa waffle maker features a pair of anti stick coated waffle cavities for 6 heart-shaped waffles each. The air vents will release […]

Rommelsbacher raclette grills

December 2, 2013

These Swiss designed raclette grills from Rommelsbacher stand out with the elegant finish and robust performance. Both the RCC 1500 and RCC 1000 feature beautiful […]

Rommelsbacher electric fondue set

November 30, 2013

The Rommelsbacher electric fondue F 400 E is a safer and eco friendlier alternative to the burner operated fondue pots. This modern fondue set combines […]

Rommelsbacher bake and grill oven

November 30, 2013

The compact Rommelsbacher bake and grill oven, the BG 1650 has a large cooking cavity, capable of handling large plates and roasters. The interior lighting […]

Fontana 5 kettle by Ritterwerk

September 7, 2013

Perfectly matching Ritter Volcano 5 toaster, Ritterwerk now presents the first kettle in its more than 100 years of history. The German made Fontana 5 […]

Electrolux portable air conditioner

August 16, 2013

The new portable air conditioners from Electrolux, the ComfortCool air conditioners are carefully designed to control the climate in your home 365 days a year. […]

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