Floor-cleaning nozzle by Pro-Aqua

The compact, electronic ESB floor-cleaning nozzle features highest quality, modern design and a wide range of functions. It is compatible with the Pro-Aqua air and room cleaning system and with 6,000 revolutions per minute, the electro-nozzle gently and effectively cleans smooth surfaces, carpets, upholstery and mattresses.

With a brush width of 30.7 cm and an overall width of 35.5 cm, the extremely flat accessory is just 7.6 cm high and weighs just 2 kilograms for easy handling. The new design of the electronic nozzle features a cylinder made of wood and plastic with trough-flow bristles to ensure optimal collection of dust. The anti-tilt feature keeps the floor-cleaning nozzle from tipping. The built-in motor control indicator with automatic reset for added safety warns you when objects have been vacuumed. 9 LEDs on the front of the nozzle illuminate the area to be cleaned. The release buttons on each side of the telescopic tube and the easy-to-open cleaning door make the floor nozzle very easy to use and care for. Pro-Aqua.

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