AEG Aptica vacuum for pet owners

When choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your needs, consider carefully who lives in the house. If you have pet that sheds all over, a conventional vacuum won’t be enough. The new 1.6 kW AEG Aptica Animal Care will be. Designed to deliver the best cleaning results even if you have more than one dog or a few cats, AEG Aptica comes with optimized pet hair turbo brush and leaves no shedded hair behind.

Aptica Animal Care has the best HEPA filters equipped with additional carbon layer to neutralize unpleasant odors and common allergy causing particles like pollen, spores or mite excretions. This AEG vacuum cleaner is also equipped with multiple nozzles, enabling you to clean every type of the surface. The high-quality, switchable combi floor nozzle with its stainless steel plate glides gently over carpeted floors, while the hard floor brush moves around surfaces from linoleum and laminate to stone and marble. Additional accessories allow you to vacuum hard to get places, upholstery and furniture quickly and effectively.
The bagless vacuum cleaner features innovative multi-cyclone technology with no loss of suction, 6-foot cord with automatic rewind and 8-meter range. Price for the easy to clean AEG Aptica ATT7920WP is € 170. Previously, Miele vacuums with AirClean filter bag plus Sealed System.

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