Bosch vacuum cleaner – ProAnimal Hair Bosch vacuums

The powerful BSG 82425 is the Bosch vacuum cleaner specifically designed to help you get rid off your pet hair. As much as you love your dogs and cats, you have to clean their hair off your couch, sweaters, coats and car seats. That is especially true if you or your kids have friends who suffer from allergies. With this ProAnimal Hair vacuum you can thoroughly clean your house off hair and odors. Unlike standard cleaners, this Bosch vacuum cleaner takes on the job with a unique pet hair floor nozzle. With two hair free velvet strips, it cleans shag or pile surfaces quicker than any other nozzle. Powerful 2,400 watt motor cleans both deeply and thoroughly, yet more quietly than any other turbo nozzle. Flat and flexible, it glides effortlessly under furniture.
Since there is no drum for the hair to get caught up in, it can also be cleaned without any problem. For vacuuming upholstered furniture, the Bosch vacuum cleaner is equipped with mini-animal hair nozzle which can be used to thoroughly remove forgotten hair hidden in crevices and corners. Upholstered furniture is a special problem for pet owners when they have guests. Because the mini-animal hair nozzle has a wide suction surface, furniture can now be vacuumed twice as quickly as with standard upholstery nozzles. With a 6 liter filter capacity and 13 meter operating radius, the ProAnimal Hair vacuum can easily handle frequent cleanings on large carpeted and hardwood surfaces. And thanks to a charcoal filter, all unpleasant odors are eliminated. The Bosch air flow control system with Air Safe provides excellent dust retention capability, thoroughly removing dirt and hazardous microscopic dust particles from the exhaust air which is vital for many allergy sufferers. The price for the BSG 82425 ProAnimal Hair Bosch vacuum is about € 280. If you have a smaller house or apartment, or you pets simply don’t shed much, you can get away with the smaller 2,200 watt Bosch vacuum cleaner – the compact BSG 72225 ProAnimal Hair. The price is € 230. Whichever cleaner you pick, you can’t go wrong with these Bosch vacuums.

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